Amateur story-catchers
of the world unite.

Background: Where is the Cool?® features products, places and services that distinctly define different aspects of the cool, catering not just to a selective audience of the fashionably aware but offering a broad and tangible perspective of what the cool really is. I asked Jack Archer, their Editor in Chief, three questions.

Q: What makes someone iconic or memorable?

A: There is a big difference between someone who is “memorable” and someone who is “iconic”. The late 90’s electronic group Eiffel 65 was “memorable”. To become “iconic” you have to prove the test of time. There is no recipe or roadmap - when someone is iconic you just know.

Q: Is cool being constantly redefined or are people just finding a common view on coolness?

A: The greatest thing about cool is that it is constantly being redefined and is constantly changing and challenging itself. There is no end - no “glooming city over the next hill” as we say. Cool is what you want it to be.

Q: What’s the last book that you read or person you spoke to, that inspired you in your work?

A: I recently read “Born Standing Up” by Mr. Steve Martin. There is something about the honesty he portrays through his stories that is contagious.

Thanks Jack!

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